ONLINE - Painting & Pottery Classes

These are strange times for us all. Life is full of uncertainty, new routines, new ways to work and school, and new challenges. Let’s face it, new is not always easy. So, let’s spend some time focusing on the good and the beautiful in our world.

    I will show you how to create your own beautiful artwork with acrylic paints (you can even use craft paint!) - in the comfort of your own home.

    Grab your pumpkin spice latte, some paint, and a few brushes and join me for this virtual paint night class. No experience necessary.  I will send you a printable template and walk you through every step of painting your very own version of this fall-inspired piece. 

    What to expect:

    Create your own unique artwork in just a couple of hours using inexpensive supplies and step by step guidance. 

    • On-demand video instruction (available starting 10/7/2020)
    • Printable template
    • Resource Guide (my favorites!) & Supply list
    • Invite to our Secret FB Group for support and feedback on your artwork.
    • Lifetime access to the class

    Are you missing your creative time at your local paint studio? Or maybe you’re wanting to try a new hobby? Just looking for a relaxing way to spend some quality time? 

    Right now, we are all struggling with this "new" normal. Many of us are still home. Some of us have returned to work and school. All of us need to take care of ourselves so we can keep taking care of others. Choose to take a little time to create something beautiful. Join me in focusing on the joyful and peaceful art of painting. No experience is needed. Yes, you too are an artist. I’ll show you how. 

    Imagine sitting down with something to sip on. You take a few deep breaths. Relax. I will walk you through setting up your space and supplies. You will paint right along with me. I’ll show you all my tricks. Get started now for just $15. Grab your copy now because the price goes up soon. 


    •  I can’t even draw a stick figure or a straight line. Great! Then this is perfect for you! I provide everything you need to create amazing artwork!
    •  I really don’t think I have time to do this. No problem, I get it you can work on these a little at a time. No need to rush through them. You can even download the lessons and keep them forever! 
    • If I go out all the paint and supplies my kids are gonna want to get messy too. Excellent! These are perfect family projects. Make it a family night! You will have gorgeous artwork to display and be proud of - your own gallery wall!
    • I really wish I could do this with some friends but everyone is stuck at home right now. Absolutely! Each household needs to purchase access to the class but then you can set up a video call (using a free service) and start painting together. Let the laughter begin!