Ready to unlock your inner artist and enjoy more creativity in your life
—but don't know how?

(Hint: Yes, even you there who claims that she can't even draw a stick figure )

Artsy Attitude is a quick workshop and tutorial bundle to help you unlock your inner artist and jump-start your creative practice. 
Ditch paint-a-longs. Start creating authentic art that is truly yours!


Now only $47!

Join the Artsy Attitude Workshop today...

...and jumpstart your creative practice this week!

Let's Do this!

Yes, I'm totally in

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I’m sharing what I know not only from my experience in my personal art practice but also my art businesses…

By letting go of expectations and self doubt…

By exploring and creating with PLAY...

Which allowed me to grow as a successful artist in spite of being an art school drop out.

This Artsy Attitude Workshop is what I have learned in my lifetime of being creative… and more than 25 years as a professional artist...

But it’ll only take you a few days to start seeing a real shift in your artsy attitude, your artistic confidence and your creative self. 😉

And after coaching thousands of women of all ages, skill levels, interests and backgrounds, I want to walk with you on your artistic journey, too!

Ready to move past paint-alongs and start creating real, authentic artwork that fuels your spirit in the process?

(Um, YES - OF COURSE you are and I will show you how!)

Let's Get Started

So... why the Artsy Attitude Workshop?
And what exactly is this workshop anyway?

Hey there, I'm Jessica Stuntz!

I am an award winning, professional artist and creativity coach. I am messy, I'm unorganized. I have the attention span of a squirrel but I absolutely love the creative process and all the happy mistakes that happen along the way. I believe that art is healing. It is a non-negotiable in my life. I have helped thousands of women build and grow their own artistic practice and skill. 

The idea for this Artsy Attitude Workshop is a direct result of my lifelong journey of becoming an artist.

Do you feel like you want to be creative but just don't know where to start? Frustrated with paint and sip style follow along classes where everyone paints the same thing? Ready to feel like a REAL artist but wonder if you have the skill or talent? Stressed? Burnt out? Rushed with zero time for your own creative outlet? Unfulfilled? Imagine how good it would feel to move right on past that state of overwhelm - for good! - without giving up the things that mean the most to you?

Lucky for you, the Artsy Attitude Workshop does just that.

...I didn't promise how you can make a six figure income as an artist. That may never happen. That's not what this is about. This workshop is about YOU... your satisfaction as an artist. 
...I didn't say that you will feel like you know all there is about art after this workshop. That can take a lifetime. This workshop will show you exactly how to find space to enjoy color, paint and just being creative.

I am promising you that IF YOU do the work, you will gain confidence in your art practice, You will FEEL the shift in your attitude about your artwork and you can finally start gaining ground and enjoying the creative process.

What you get when you join this workshop:

Eight attitude changing, video lessons that will guide you through fun, stress-free artsy exercises.

Weekly E-Mail Prompts to help you stay on track and Motivate you to keep up your artistic practice

lifetime access & Customizable Practice Schedule that fits your lifestyle and goals

The Artsy Attitude Workbook and Journal with resource Guide

Priority E-Mail Support and Feedback

Private Support Community
(No Facebook Needed!)

“Seriously, that’s a lot for just… $47? Really?!”

Yep. The Artsy Attitude workshop is worth way more than what I’m charging.

After all, it’ll help you create, relax and practice your art with an entirely new mindset that is freeing and healing—in the short-term and long-term.

BUT my goal here was to make this a no-brainer price for you, whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever stage or season of life you are currently in because I know other women need this in their lives NOW.

I don’t want you to find your artsy attitude someday… I want you to get started TODAY.

So I’ve priced it so you don’t have to think about it… you can just grab it and go!